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CodaBears, Inc. has extensive experience in Epicor ERP and a broad range of manufacturing processes. CodaBears combines its wide-ranging knowledge base with an intensive interview and fact-finding process in a Benchmarking process. Also known as a Business Process Review, this process begins with documentation of modules and customizations the customer is using.

Next, on-site detailed interviews are held during which a full process walk through (from Quote to Cash) with the current systems and procedures is performed. During this information gathering phase, CodaBears meets with department heads, functional managers and key employees to hold frank discussions, reviewing both current ERP usage and documenting the various external systems that invariably stem from long-term usage of any ERP system.

In order to fully capture details, impressions and accurately document the Benchmark, CodaBears sends a team. We have found that coordinating meetings and interviews in a “tag team” effort leads to true insight into often overlooked details and opportunities available within even the current ERP program. While on-site, CodaBears provides to the point solutions, tips and tricks during the meetings, which provides immediate improvement opportunities for team members and fosters greater participation and information sharing.

Following the interview process, CodaBears fully documents ERP and related software utilization. Interview notes are assembled, including review of the hints and tips for future reference for the organization. Full recommendations are compiled and a separate Executive Summary is prepared. Findings are then reviewed during a debriefing with key managers and a separate high level confidential review is held with the Executive Team.

Customers have found this process not only financially beneficial, but also a key element to invigorating team members in anticipation of re-implementation of the software or more extensive utilization of modules that have been doing little more than “collecting dust.” Tangible benefits include improved usage of the software, speed and ease of use by employees and identification of process improvement. As an independent organization, CodaBears is able to make unbiased recommendations regarding module usage and maintain an impartial view where customizations may not serve the customer as well as a tweak in procedures or vice versa.

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