Azure Cloud Services

Rise above the daily challenges of managing servers and get into your own secure cloud allowing you access to your data and manage when to apply upgrades. CodaBears will help you configure an Azure environment sized to your needs, not some generic “fits all” template. Get what you need and be in control of your environment.

Azure provides easy, secure access from anywhere, but you need to make sure the system is configured properly. We'll analyze your current usage and your specific requirements, and come up with a proposal that meets your goals. After acceptance of the project, we'll help you smoothly migrate your environment to Azure. Our team of experts is your key to migrating without headaches.

When to go to the cloud?

Cloud is not a best-fit for every installation. If you have the following situations, going to the cloud may help you:

  • Multiple locations requiring access to the same data
  • No IT staff available to manage the servers
  • No desire to purchase new hardware on a regular schedule to stay current and in warranty
  • Inconsistent power or connectivity
  • Want an easier licensing experience
  • Need consistent expenditures instead of emergencies
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