Integrate Epicor ERP with MEMEX!

CodaBridge-MEMEX seamlessly integrates Epicor ERP information with MEMEX‘s MERLIN providing two-way data flow merging the two systems together. MEMEX provides real-time monitoring of machines and manufacturing processes. It uses the information to enable continuous improvement initiatives in real-time. This accurate data can be used for dramatic increases in OEE using a true shop-floor-to-top-floor communication network.

Information flows from Epicor to MERLIN so data is maintained in one system but available in both. Do not key information into both systems; technology keeps both systems in sync and prevents user input error.

MERLIN gathers data (piece counts, up/down time, operation start/stop) from your shop-floor machines and labor transactions are sent back to Epicor providing near-time data within your ERP system. The bridge also handles unattended operations providing accurate quantity reporting to Epicor without needing an employee to enter the information.

Items exported

  • Resource Groups
  • Resources
  • Employees
  • Reason Codes
  • Indirect Codes
  • Engineering
  • Jobs

Items imported

  • Unattended labor time
  • Employee Labor time
  • Good part counts
  • Scrap part counts and reasons
  • Non-conformance part counts and reasons
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