Prevent attacks coming from emails!

Emails are quickly becoming an easy vector into your network via phishing, malware, and fraudulent URLS. Not only do you need to stop these items from coming into your inboxes, but you also need a way to clean the attacks out of all inboxes to ensure the attack is stopped from spreading further. IRONSCALES monitors your Office 365 email providing a comprehensive solution to prevent these types of attack, quickly remediate issues when found, and train your users how to protect themselves.

How are you attacked via email?

Phishing is when an attacker sends an email prompting the user to provide information that can then be used to gain access to your network. Often these emails link to web pages that look like trusted sites asking for credentials or other identifying information that can then be used to attack your network. IRONSCALES uses AI technology to identify known attacks looking for common subject and test patterns and identifies if the sender and sender's IP is trustworthy. Taking things further, IRONSCALES also uses community-based reporting to further identify risks. Attacks identified by other IRONSCALES users are updated and used to help scan your emails as well. Attackers will try to change their methods to further lure your users into traps, this community-based approach quickly identifies issues and helps all users.

Attacks can also come in the form of attachments (malware and viruses) as well as URLs embedded in the email body that take users to fake sites prompting for identifying information that can then be used to attack your network. IRONSCALES scans emails for malicious attachments and fraudulent URLS to prevent your users from going to known attack sites which can further compromise your security.

Empower your team!

Using an embedded Outlook button, users can also report attack emails that haven't been classified. Once an email has reached a threshold score, it will be classified as an attack and removed from all inboxes in your instance. This remediation prevents other users from dealing with the malicious email.

Educate your users!

Want to know how savvy your users are at identifying attacks? Included with the software is the ability to run campaigns against your instance. There are several pre-built campaigns and the library is updated regularly to provide the best simulations possible. If a user clicks on a link in a campaign email, they are notified of the error and can be taken to training to improve their skills at identifying potential issues for the future. Guard yourself and improve your users' skills at the same time!

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