Protect your servers and workstations!

Ransomware and viruses are becoming more prevalent attacks on our networks. You need a solution that will protect your environment from malicious software and that helps when an attack is found. Don't wait to get hit, protect yourself now!


SentinelOne uses a combination of several databases for virus/malware/ransomware identification, AI engines, and community-sourced information. This combination is more powerful than a single method alone providing better protection through better information. SentinelOne also has remediation and isolation capabilities to prevent the spread of infection.

Always vigilant, always adapting

SentinelOne's AI is constantly monitoring endpoint activity to determine what is "normal" for the machine. It builds this normal pattern and watches for changes in activity. Even if SentinelOne is not aware of new attack, if the usage of the workstation or server changes, SentinelOne alerts administrators of the potential issue.

Learn from others!

You're not the only computer in the world. Use everyone's experiences to help you! By looking at other users, SentinelOne can quickly react to the changing landscape of malicious software even before a signature is created. Attackers are always changing their game, you need a solution that will keep up and adapt to their changes! When users identify a problem, SentinelOne reacts to that report and distributes the information down to the other instances. As others run in to problems, they help your protection become more informed to better protect your installation.

Are your applications up-to-date?

Attackers often find ways to hijack existing software on an endpoint to get a foothold into your environment. Software is patched to prevent this from happening, but how do you know if your software is at risk? SentinelOne monitors several popular applications and will notify when a risk is found. You may need to patch the software, uninstall it, or get a newer version of the software so that you are not at risk. Be informed and stay ahead of the enemy, keep your software updated!

Customize your environment

If needed, you can blacklist or whitelist applications as well. Perhaps there is a common streaming service that you do not want on your network wasting bandwidth. You can blacklist the item to prevent its installation. Similarly if something is falsely identified as a threat, you can whitelist it so that you do not receive alerts.

Remediation (a.k.a. fix it!)

If (or when) a malicious attack is determined, the important thing is to get it isolated and removed. Most anti-virus will quarantine known threats and if possible, remove them. SentinelOne goes a step further and gives you the power to isolate infected machines from the network! This prevents the further spread of the infection and prevents the software from communicating information out; protection even in the event of infection! Files corrupted by Ransomware? No worries with SentinelOne's snapshots, files can be rolled back to their state before the ransomware encrypted the content.

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