Quickly print job documents!

CodaBears’ Job Packet Printer provides users an efficient way to print job packets for the shop floor team. This tool incorporates the necessary documents, including the Job Traveler and all PDFs attached to the job assemblies, operations, and materials, saving time, effort and eliminating missed elements. Additionally, Job Packet Print sends the Job Traveler and all the related PDFs to the default printer in logical order!

The tool will also print Word documents (.doc and .docx) and Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) that are attached to the job. You are not limited to just PDF file attachments.

The user experience accommodates all levels of the organization. Simply perform one of the following:

  1. Enter or scan a barcode of the job number
  2. Select all the jobs marked as “Mass Print”
  3. Choose a range of due dates

With Job Packet Printer, you’ll be able to spend time focusing on the job, not collating paper.

You can see a demo of the Job Packet Printer on our YouTube channel.

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