Shipping integrations help your shipping department more effectively use their existing software with the ERP software.

WorldShip by UPS

For Epicor, we have built an integration with UPS WorldShip. The employee can stay inside WorldShip without having to go to Epicor to transfer information. Enter the packing slip number and the address information is pulled into WorldShip from Epicor. Once the shipment is complete, the tracking number and charge are exported for integration into Epicor. This efficient customization seamlessly integrates the shipping costs into the invoicing subsystem so that charges are correctly passed, saving time, effort and expense.

FedEx Ship Manager

Similar to the UPS customization CodaBears is able to integrate FedEx charges back into Epicor to pass along to the invoice. This customization improves efficiency and accuracy.

Rate Quotes

We use your account with FedEx or UPS to query their web services for the charges (either yours or the list/published charge) to ship the specified packages to their destination. The customization uses the providers’ web services, therefore rates are accurate as they come directly from the carrier. This time saving feature takes customer service to a new level for your organization.

Address Validation

Solve invalid addresses when shipping by validating the address at quoting or order entry! CodaBears customizations use UPS and FedEx web services to validate the shipping address. This is integrated into your company’s quoting and order entry systems so that your customer service representatives gather an accurate address preventing shipment errors.

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