Improve your quality and receiving processes!

CodaBears' Skip Lot (AKA Dock-to-Stock) program enforces skip lot quality inspection requirements by part and supplier within your company. Skip lot enabled parts can be inspected using the Inspection Processing entry, or within MES if the part by supplier was received to a sub-contract operation.

With the CodaBears' Skip Lot program you specify the number of consecutive successful inspections required for each plant before inspections can be skipped. Once a skip lot enabled part has successfully passed inspection consecutively based on the number of required inspections specified on the plant. The skip lot program will then allow the user to skip the quality inspection for this part by supplier.

The number of skips is specified as the number of inspections required for each plant. Once a skip lot enabled part by supplier has completed the available skips allowed an inspection will then be required.

View a demo of the Skip Lot Enhancement on our YouTube channel.

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