Are you getting your materials on time from your suppliers?
Are they meeting their deadlines?
How much do you spend on a part on average through the year?

These are the questions that the Supplier Performance Report Card is designed to answer. With this information you can determine how well your suppliers are meeting your needs. If you enter negotiations with other suppliers, you can tell them what level of service you are currently receiving from your vendor and what they would have to beat in order for you to use them.

Ease of use

The Supplier Performance Report Card uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS). Users view the report as web page which can be integrated into the ERP solution or the report can be delivered automatically on a schedule. Familiar web controls let users easily specify the parameters for the report.

Exporting Information

The report can be easily exported to PDF, Word, or Excel which let you share the information not just internally, but with your vendor. Armed with this report you can thoroughly validate a vendor’s performance.

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