C# Kick-Start for Epicor ERP

Our course instructors have been doing C-style programming for over 25 years and program in the language every day. Having just as much experience in VB-style programming puts them in a unique position to help you transition from one language to the other. They take examples from one language and apply them to the other so that you can see the differences and learn how to transition your skills.

Our courses start in Spring 2024. Email or call 630-672-7688 to register.

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Current C# Classes

Class 1
Covers Epicor ERP customization mode, adding custom controls, basic data binding, control events, class declarations, customization import/export and menu maintenance.
Class 2
Explores data types, data validation, data conversion, refactoring, foreign key views, and more form controls and events.
Class 3
This course provides information on how to work with Epicor’s Business objects, Data Adapters, database access, and the StringBuilder class.
Class 4
Dives in to data type parsing, more data validation, different types of looping and enumerating, LINQ, Simple Search, and File I/O.
Class 5
We finish out the series covering Epicor’s UD Tables, BAQ Zones, how to modify context menus, modifying MES, XML parsing, and how to use Regular Expressions.
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