Don’t just gather the data into your system, USE IT!

Collecting your business information is only half of the battle with Information Technology. Investing in one of the most power ERP systems on the market doesn’t guarantee you won’t find yourself using it as a glorified word processor. How you analyze the data and report it gives you the leverage to guide your company. It makes the difference between scheduling production and maximizing efficiencies or responding to emergencies. “You too can prevent forest fires!”

Being proactive and preventing fires has always been easier than stopping them. Our experience enables us to offer solutions and education as to where pertinent data is stored or where it may be lacking. CodaBears has been analyzing ERP systems over 20 years. Our library of reports and business intelligence queries can help move your company to that desirable proactive position.

We’ll help you learn how to best analyze the information. This analysis will show you where you need improvements as well as set the bar for measuring your changes to know that you are improving your business, not just changing your processes. If you don’t know where you are, how do you know you are improving things? We’ll help you figure that out and make sure you improve things, not just change them.

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