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CodaBears has several methods for helping educate users. CodaBears’ ERP and System training ensures that you get the best education available. From one-hour on-line meetings, to on-site courses, to in-house training sessions, the route that fits best is determined by you, the customer.

Lunch & Learn!

Lunch & Learn is our FREE 30-45 minute training scheduled in the middle of the work day so you can sit at your desk, enjoy your lunch in virtual community with other Vantage Users and benefit with a training by one of the CodaBear Associates.
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CodaBears’ trainers come to your location, bringing a portable training environment with us. We’ll be right there with your students, offering the full classroom experience, using our approved training materials and documentation. Our training includes everything from basic end user training to system management and development. All courses WILL be customized to fit your specific needs, including the use of your actual data for the training session. Teaching you to build widgets is pointless. We focus our methods on real-life applications. This is just one instance where CodaBears’ experience in your industry proves so valuable.


Time constraints, distance and budget often make it impractical to bring your staff together for training. For those situations, CodaBears offers remote web-based training. You get a live trainer presenting the course information directly to your users’ screens, and a conference bridge where the entire class can ask questions and interact with the trainer. Taking notes can be kept to a minimum allowing the user immerse himself/herself in the training.

CodaBears’ Classroom

Get away from ringing phones and daily interruptions and focus on training: CodaBears offers in-house training for groups. Our groups are kept small to improve and personalize the results. The training sessions are restricted to 4 hours to not overload the student. Teaching too many people or for too many hours is disrespectful to our customers’ bottom line. All classes are offered in sequences so that students may practice what they have learned before moving on to the next level.

Education Sessions

  • BPM Advanced & Custom Code
  • Dashboards Introduction
  • Dashboards Advanced
  • Dashboards Expert
  • System Administrator’s Tools & Tips
  • Accountant’s Tools & Tips
  • Plant & Production Management Tools & Tips
  • Scheduler’s Tools & Tips
  • Sales Management System
  • Production Management System
  • Service Management System
  • Materials Management System
  • Accounting Management System
  • C-Level Management Workshop
  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft SQL Database Administration / Programmer Series
  • Progress Database Management & Maintenance

CodaBears’ YouTube Channel

Recordings from our past Lunch & Learn sessions are available on our YouTube Channel

Training covers all types: end users, administrators, managers, and developers! Perhaps you’ve missed a topic, or don’t remember something that was presented. The YouTube videos allow you to watch the session over and over at your convenience. Get the training when you need it.

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