Implementations (New & ‘Re-Do’)

By quickly learning your business processes and possessing a thorough knowledge of the software packages, we ensure a smooth implementation that adheres to the set timelines throughout the project phases.

While some organizations do not like to admit it, occasionally a re-implementation of the software may be advisable. There is much to be gained by a ‘Re-Do’. Over time users learn how the software truly works within an organization. The usage, data flow, reporting, and inter-module dependencies are better realized after a few years. A re-implementation of the software can benefit an organization if the foundational information becomes aligned with the metrics used to guide the company into a successful future.


CodaBears has applied over 2000 patches for our customers. Prior to upgrading or patching a system, a pre-conversion analysis is performed to review all known open issues with the proposed software. CodaBears validates customizations including: Reports, Dashboards, User Interfaces, User Security, and Business Intelligence technologies used in daily operations. We also provide change management including user training of new features and functionality. Moreover, we encourage client participation and training throughout the process so that future patches can be self-maintained.

CodaBears is experienced with...

  • Aerospace
  • Medical Equipment & Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Electronic Equipment & Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Precision Metals
  • Large Equipment Manufacturing.
  • Signage & Labeling
  • Military Contractors
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