Need help managing your servers, PCs, and ERP System?

Our Managed ERP solution is for companies looking for assistance in maintaining their ERP package. We handle backups, patches, upgrades, health checks, and support for your ERP package.

Managed IT handles your IT needs by monitoring your servers for issues, providing endpoint protection, email protection, applying updates, and handling support incidents from your staff.

Managed ERP and Managed IT can be combined if you need both.

We can also help you with Equipment Procurement, Strategic Planning, Office 365 licensing and management, and Cloud Computing.

CodaBears provides leading-edge computer, network services and technology solutions for businesses. Our packages offer full server support and monitoring and handling support calls from your team. We focus on delivering excellent and cost-effective IT services; working with the customer to assess whether changes in hardware/software are warranted. We continually investigate technology looking for proven, cost-effective solutions.

Managed ERP Managed IT
Proactive Remote Monitoring SQL and ERP Application Server IT Servers, Hardware, and PCs
Proactive Preventative Maintenance SQL and ERP Application Servers IT Servers, Hardware, and PCs
Error Notification Emails SQL Server and ERP Application All Servers and PCs
Yearly Server Health Checks SQL and ERP Application Servers
Review Security & Maintenance Monthly SQL and ERP Application Servers All Servers and PCs
Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan Assistance Optional Optional
On-site and 24/7 Remote Support
Helpdesk ERP PCs
Discounted Consulting Rates
Email Protection
Endpoint Protection

Call us and we’ll work with you to come up with the best solution for you. We can assist by performing weekly checks of servers and PCs, we can help you select hardware, or we can help maintain your network so that you keep everything performing well. Just like you have to change the oil in your car, you have to maintain your IT infrastructure as well. Don’t forget to keep things in peak performance; that road leads to frustrated users and more heartache for you.

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