Are you often waiting and staring at your PC to catch-up?

CodaBears has a solution: our Server Health Check.

Our experienced consultants analyze your server in conjunction to tuning your ERP system.

There are many factors that play into your company’s server:

  • Physical machine
  • Disk configuration
  • Database configuration
  • Replication
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Partitioning
  • And more!
Computer with Stethascope

Examples of potential issues are physical server needs to be addressed, indexes would be helpful, or statistics should be created. Or perhaps you have some long-running reports that could benefit from having their queries analyzed. Whatever the cause, we’ll work with you to find the issues and provide recommendations for improved capacity and speed.

Our annual service will ensure a better running Epicor environment. Included in the CodaBears inspection are:

  • Server Hardware Review
    • Storage & Hard Drives
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • BIOS Settings
  • Epicor Application Configuration
  • Microsoft
    • Windows OS Setup
    • SQL Server
    • SSRS
    • Internet Information Services
  • Epicor Application Extensions

After the health check is completed, CodaBears provides an extensive final report detailing the findings and recommendations to optimize your server. If you are a hands-on user, we also offer the road map to execute the working solutions. Having our team complete a server health check will speed up your system and pays off immediately!

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