Is your SQL Server slowing down?

Every so often your system may run slower than it should. There are many circumstances that can cause this sluggishness, one of which is your SQL Server. CodaBears has experienced staff members to analyze your SQL Server in conjunction with tuning your ERP system.

There are many factors in play with SQL Server. Physical machine, disk configuration, database configuration, replication, scheduled jobs, partitioning – these are all potential areas of concern. It is best to look at the entire system to identify the area (or areas) of concern. It could be the physical server that needs to be addressed, indexes that would be helpful or statistics should be created. Or perhaps you have some long-running reports that could benefit from having their queries analyzed. Whatever the cause, we’ll work with you to find the issues and provide recommendations for improved capacity and speed.

We start by analyzing the hardware that is running the system and make sure that it is set up for high performance. If the foundation of your building isn’t proper, whatever you put on it won’t be stable. Next we analyze the operating system for performance. There are several settings within Windows that can help with performance, we’ll make sure everything is set up right. Then we move on to the SQL installation and make sure that the server has been set up for the best performance. We are continually researching industry best practices. We test these ourselves before we apply them to your server. Once all the foundations have been verified, if there are still performance issues, we’ll examine the database and its workload specifically to see what can be done to increase the performance by tuning indexes, changing stored procedures, or other tricks that we have in our bag. We’ll help you get the most out of your SQL Server.

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