Everyone has a web site, but does yours stand out and give your customers the information and functionality that they need? Can they find their orders? Can they find out how to contact you? Does your web site match your corporate image or is it using a logo and colors from 10 years ago? These are important questions to ask so that you have an image that identifies you to your customers and shows that you pay attention to their needs.

Web design

Your organization’s web presence should match your corporate image. We have in-house creative staff that can work independently or with your marketing/creative staff to come up with a prototype for your web presence that utilizes your existing corporate look.

Need an example of our work? You’re looking at it. This site was developed 100% by CodaBears staff. The content, the images, the overall look, and all the programming were done in-house.


CodaBears has extensive experience creating e-commerce sites that integrate with ERP Software for our customers. Our Bridge product keeps the ERP system (Epicor) in sync with the catalog on the web site. As parts are available in Epicor, the part is created on the web site dynamically. Requiring NO human intervention or additional time and expense! Orders from the web site are automatically created within the Epicor system for fulfillment and shipping. If you have conditions where orders need to be authorized before being fulfilled, CodaBears has the code to handle that too.

Corporate Image

If your business image is in need of a makeover, our staff is experienced in creating new, dynamic images that will speak to your customers and prospects. We can provide templates and guidance to give your organization a consistent presence not just with your logo and web site, but also with your correspondence documents, invoices, sales acknowledgments and other forms and reports, right down to your business cards if needed.

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